Is God Lowkey in Control of Your Life?

Is God Lowkey in Control of Your Life?

Written by: Kristen Oliver

I’ve lived most of my life on fast forward. In school, church, in relationships, always on the go and ready for the next big opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, I have always worked hard for good things. However, not only am I a “go-getter” I am also an analyzer. So whatever I do, I put a lot of thought into it, weighing the pros and cons, considering possible outcomes. The problem is, before I have even started something, I am already spending time worrying about it. Some people might view this as good work ethic. First weighing the risks, then evaluating and reflecting on the results. As a researcher this is a good practice. However, in my everyday personal life it has started to take over my thought process. All of sudden EVERYTHING I do, what my kids or my darling husband do, has to be the EXACT way I imagined it. There is no room for error because I planned it out. If we do it exactly my way, I will know the outcome. Do you see the flaw in this thinking?

Our natural human desire is to control our circumstances instead of allowing God to control them.

This past year I have felt God tell me to hit pause on my life. Slow down. Rest in Him. This is hard. Because as I said I am a go-getter, always planning, and moving (wonder where I get that from Dad?) I believe that although my intentions are good, God is telling me something in these moments….

“Slow Down Kristen. Rely on me. Trust me. I got this. I’ve got you. You do not have to do everything. Allow me the chance to help.”


Let me tell you, this is a humbling experience. When I take a moment, step back and allow God to work in my every day, you know what happens? I feel peace, joy and the ability to relax.  I have realized that this allows for so much life to happen in these daily moments.

Friends, if we slow down, pause, and reflect on our lives, do we like what we see?

Slowing down requires us to be reflective. To find peace in the stillness. Ultimately, we have to be at peace with ourselves. Our true colors come through in these moments of stillness and reflection. Let me guess you didn’t want anyone to know you are dealing with secret struggles that you are ashamed of? Guess what? If you are human…’s no secret, because none of us are perfect, which means there is some area of our life that we can improve upon. This doesn’t make you weak, it makes you normal.

Those parts that aren’t so perfect, are probably the reason we are on fast forward in the first place. 

So don’t ignore them, deal with those imperfections, we all have them! Often our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.

So I recently learned a new slang word…”Lowkey.” According to Low-Key is an adjective that means quiet, relaxed, not forceful or noticeable. However, this is the old low-key definition. I am talking about the new lowkey definition, an adverb. In the urban dictionary lowkey is defined as kinda.

I was lowkey excited about the party.

I was kinda excited about the party.

It can also mean secretly or discretely.

Finding Nemo is lowkey my favorite movie.

When your lowkey sad but trying not to show it.

You get the point.

I think we kinda, or “low key,” want to deal with our inner-struggles. But we don’t, because it requires a lot of effort.

Listen, the enemy WILL get to you where you are most vulnerable. A lot of times this happens in secret, because “It’s just one time”, “Nobody will know.” Guess what? That’s how it starts. The enemy has now gained a foothold and WILL use it against you. You want to know the truth? You will not be able to stand up against that kind of temptation on your own. It’s just not possible. The only way to make the enemy flee is to speak scripture over your situation. The devil can’t stand when you use the word of God against him. In order to do that, you have to be reading the Bible, otherwise you have no ammunition against the enemy and he will win every time!! You might say, well how do you know this Kristen? I know this because this has happened over and over in my life.

I have spent 10 years off and on in anxiety and depression because of what I lowkey wanted to do.

  1. I lowkey want to remove social media from my phone because it is an area in my life that consumes me.

  2. I lowkey want to eat healthy

  3. I lowkey want to write a book

  4. I lowkey want to wake up earlier than my kids so I’m not so grumpy in the mornings

Can I tell you something? Most of these things I listed are things I get anxious about. Which turns into criticizing myself for not being able to fully commit to them. Then slowly, but surely, the too familiar feeling of depression makes its way back in. It’s a vicious cycle. All of these are things I kind of wanted to do, but haven’t fully committed to because it’s hard. It takes a lot of effort on my part, due to dealing with anxiety and depression. But it’s getting better every day by fully committing myself one day at a time. Small scale victories are what lead to life-long change.

“The only thing I’ve seen work in my life to protect my heart from these deep wounds is the constant pursuit of the sweetest grace.”-Lysa TerKeurst Uninvited

Take a minute and think about your strengths, what do you pride yourself on? Now…Is this an area that you are trying to control? Are you allowing God to breathe life into this area? If you say, “No,” or, “I don’t know,” then take some time and pray about it. God will reveal any areas of your life that you aren’t relying fully on him, and he will help you through it. We cannot, and are not meant to live this life in our own strength. It’s not possible! It is a sin.

God isn’t afraid of your sharp edges that may seem quite risky to others. He doesn’t pull back. He pulls you close.-Lysa TerKeurst Uninvited

Will you join me in praying for God to be fully in control of our lives and not just sort of, kind of, lowkey in charge. We will always feel incomplete without him. We will be a target for the enemy because he knows our vulnerabilities. Lets speak scripture over our lives and be confident in God’s plans for us. We cant do this on our own. We need each other, we need God on our side.


“God I pray that you help me to obey you in all areas of my life. In the places of my life that I don’t want to dig up, because it requires too much effort or I don’t have “time.” In the places I feel complacent. In the areas of my life that are hindering me from a deeper relationship with you. I humble myself before you and call all my anxiety on you. I pray you help my mind to focus on the things above and not on the past. You have made me a new person and I am thankful for that.  Help me to focus on one day at a time and focus on what is in front of me now. In Jesus name, Amen.”



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