I Dare you to… Dump your Summer Bucket List

Written by: Kristen Oliver

I have a confession to make….I LOVE Pinterest! Whenever I have a thought or an idea I know Pinterest will have about a thousand options available, just waiting for me to like or pin to one of my many boards. Pinterest has opened a whole new world to design, crafts and inspiration. Everyday parties now have a new standard to attain to. You can tell when you go to an event if Pinterest had anything to do with it…mason jars, Paper Mache’, labeled food with themed names anyone?? Pinterest also allows you to follow other people. Now we don’t have to talk to our friends, we can just snoop on their boards & see their ideas. It’s almost guaranteed that every bride has a Pinterest board for their wedding (talk about overwhelming!) Before anyone goes to a wedding they know the color scheme, if the theme is Farmhouse chic, modern contemporary or an elegant affair, and of course if they should sit on the bride or grooms side.

Ok so you probably didn’t need me to tell you all that. Maybe you can relate because you know someone who strives for the Pinterest perfect life or… maybe you are that person.I know I have struggled with this idea of having a Pinterest worthy house, birthday party, baby shower, and of course the right décor for each season of the year! So, if you are that person, don’t worry we are in this together! So I guess I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest

Although I love Pinterest. My anxiety hates it!

Yes, I gain some good ideas, new recipes and it keeps me up to date on trends. However, all of these things can become very overwhelming if we are not careful. Take Summer for instance, if you follow me on Pinterest you can see I literally have a board for every season! Let me tell you…I have pinned some FUN FUN  stuff for Summer! FREE summer printable’s for every day of the week… Lazy Monday, Tuesday Trip day, Bookworm Wednesday, Thursday Kitchen day, Fun Friday and of course a section for if your kid is bored. Yep sounds good to me. Some other fun ideas on my summer Pinterest board; the 3 different ways I need  to decorate my cornhole boards, 5 outside yard games we are going to play, the firepit we were going to build 4 years ago, and the bathing suit and towel rack built from reclaimed wood!! Phew…I am exhausted just thinking of all the things I am supposed to do this summer. Can you guess how many of those things I have done??? None.

Striving for a Pinterest worthy life will cause you to miss out on the beauty of life’s moments.

In reality all I really want to do this summer is spend uninterrupted time playing with Landon and Lucas, go to the pool for hours, take long naps, read too many books and enjoy family walks after dinner. I understand that none of these things sound glorious in and of themselves, which is why there probably aren’t cute pins on Pinterest for them, (unless Lazy Monday counts). Last year I tried a summer bucket list and at the end of the summer I was left feeling exhausted and defeated. I didn’t have the energy to keep up with so many fun summer events (that I planned mind you). I felt like I failed because I didn’t do everything the way Pinterest expected me to. So, I decided this year that I wasn’t going into Summer with any lavish plans or expectations. I am surely not making a summer bucket list unless it includes 5 days out of the week being at home swimming and napping!

Honestly friends, we need to give ourselves a break. One way to do that now is to set realistic expectations for yourself and your family. For me this means planning one outing during the weekday with the boys. This may just include going to the pool or seeing a $1 movie (we love the dollar movies during the Summer). Other than that, my goal during the day is to play with the boys for one uninterrupted hour a day. Just writing that down sounds so minuscule. But after reviewing my schedule, I realized I spent a lot of time telling them to “hold on” and “I will play with you after I finish .” You know what? It never happened. Something always came up. Not only was I not spending quality time with my kids, I wasn’t doing any of the fun activities I found on Pinterest. I was left feeling guilt like I had failed myself and my family. Simply because I set unrealistic expectations for us. Fast forward to this summer…Now that I schedule uninterrupted time with them, I can relax and actually enjoy it. I know I have a schedule for the rest of my day and this is part of it. What a relief!

We had an Incredible Father’s Day

When your boys join you for a run…

I would encourage you this summer to look at your schedule. Literally write down what you are doing hour by hour, analyze why you are doing the things you do.

If you are doing things out of obligation, CHANGE IT!If you don’t have time to spend with your family,  CHANGE IT!If you aren’t allowing anytime for yourself, CHANGE IT!

Are you ready to Dump your Summer Bucket List and fill it with 3 realistic goals for this summer?

Here are my 3 Summer goals:

  1. Play with the boys for one uninterrupted hour each day

  2. Practice reading with Landon at least once a day (ideally after lunchtime and before nap)

  3. Do something for myself everyday (i.e.…read, write, run, nap)

What are your goals this summer?

(If you are really ambitious you could even set 5 goals, or if you are just too overwhelmed to think of doing anything just try 1 goal.)

I realize my schedule is much different than some of yours, and that OK. We all have different schedules and responsibilities. Do what works for youand your family. Just makes sure you aren’t holding yourself to unrealistic expectations, that is when you will feel guilt. In the words of someone very wise….

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