God Won’t Give You Good

By: Kristen Oliver

“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open to you. For everyone who asks receives, the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks the door will be opened.” –Matthew 7:7-8

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could do whatever I wanted and not have to listen to my parents anymore. Well news flash!! I’m usually better off when I still listen to advice from my parents and when I try to do what I want… I fail. As an adult, I have found that following what God wants for my life is actually harder than obeying my parents ever was. Why you ask? Because it takes even more self-discipline and obedience on my part. Wait a minute….my 12-year-old self is confused…. I thought when you become an adult, or at least have your own kids you were in charge? Actually, it is quite the contrary. I am still learning, at 29, how to submit my life fully to God and his desires for my life rather than my own personal desires.

For most of my life I have just assumed blindly that whatever I ask God for he would surely want to give me. Not because I think he is a genie ready to grant my 3 wishes. Simply because I believed what I was asking for was good. Why wouldn’t God want me to have something that is good?

 When we learn to obey God our father and remain in Him, then we will learn to ask for what is good for us and he grants it.-Referenced from study notes on Matthew 7:9-10

Have you noticed the words I have been using…?

  1. Learn

  2. Obedience

  3. Remain

  4. Ask

  5. Seek

This reminds me that we are lifelong learners. Just because we “grow up” doesn’t mean we “grow away” from the foundation God has been instilling in us since we were children. We should be strengthening these aspects of our life, not trying to ignore or run away from them. I know, it’s easier said than done. I feel like I have authority to tell you these things because I am experiencing this in my own life and I know God is teaching me through it, just like he wants to teach you.

Human understanding of what is good and God’s version of good are very different. What we, I included, fail to understand is the bigger picture. I know we try with all our planning and goal setting for the future, but we don’t truly know what God imagines for us in the future. In order to make sure we are living according to God’s will for our life we have to remain in him. This requires obedience.

Practicing obedience become the foundation to weather the storms of life.-Referenced from study notes on Matthew 7:24

So maybe instead of asking for material possessions, “blessings” or just a “good day,” God wants us to ask for things like; knowledge, patience, wisdom, love and understanding. By praying for these things, his vision will become clear and we will be able to discern God’s plan for our life, or at least one day at a time.

Knowing what to ask for has the power to change our prayer life. Pray with me if you would like these qualities to be strengthened in your life.

Dear God,You say that those who ask will receive. So, I am asking for knowledge to discern what is good for my life. Patience to seek your will above my own. I pray that as I’m knocking the door of wisdom will be opened to me. Remind me of your daily promises, everyone who asks receives, the one who seeks finds and to the one who knocks the door will be open. Thank you for your loving words and guidance.In Jesus name I pray, Amen


This is not a one and done kind of prayer. This is something you will have to refer back to often, if not daily.


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