375 Words on Why?

Written by: Kristen Oliver

Why are they talking about me?How do they know?What is going on?

I heard a story once about a guy who was at a youth service and got offended by what the speaker said. Not because he didn’t agree, or because the speaker said something culturally insensitive or politically wrong. But because he thought the speaker was calling him out. Even though he didn’t know the speaker and had just started coming to church, he figured the speaker was talking directly to him, how else would he know exactly what he was going through?

I have been going to church my whole life and I can tell you that I still feel like the message is directed to me ALL the time. And you know why? Because as people we live in a fallen world, we are susceptible to all sorts of feelings, emotions, and struggles. The whole purpose of the church is to speak life into our daily situations. The speaker may not have been speaking directly to that guy, and he may not be directly talking to you, but God is.

Why would God talk to one specific person….

Why would he take time…..

Instead of focusing on what we do know….people (me included), get stuck in asking the WHY questions.

Here is the truth about God from the Bible:

  1. God loves me (John 3:16)

  2. God values me (Matt. 6:26)

  3. God leads me (Psalm 23:3)

  4. God provides all my needs (Psalm 23:1)

  5. God didn’t mess up when he made me (Psalm 139:13-14)

  6. God is bigger than any mistake I have made and will make (Romans 8:28)

God knows your daily in’s and out’s. He knows your intentions. He knows why you do what you do. He knows YOU and He loves you. So, he is going to try and reach you. But the more and more you turn away and try and tune Him out, the harder it will be to hear that voice, until one day you don’t.

So, if you catch yourself thinking any of these thoughts….Why is the pastor talking about me? He doesn’t know what I’m going through! How dare he call me out….I am going to tell you right now, that isn’t the pastor talking to you…Its God.

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